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Graduation ceremony marks the conclusion of the Kaliloa Youth Leadership program

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 11/12/2017


Twenty five certificates have been presented to students last Friday to mark the completion of the Kaliloa – Youth Leadership Program. These students were from forms 3-7 and they were from Tonga High School, Tonga College ‘Atele, Tupou College Toloa, Queen Salote College and ‘Apifo’ou College.


Lieutenant Commander BrisbaneLokotui from His Majesty’s Armed Forces says they chose students to be part of the program because they will become the future leaders.


“They didn’t know why they were here. Some just went with the flow. After sharing, I talk to them saying: One most important thing is to know you. Appreciate what life has to offer. I told them, the influence of the world, society and peer on them are the main obstacles on their journey throughout time to eternity.”


The Police Commissioner, Steven Caldwell praised the students’ achievement during the one-week training.


“You are the pioneers. The first ones to have the courage so I acknowledge what you have done and what a great privilege to meet you. The first day you look worried. Now youre confident and are very proud of what you have achieved.”


Two of the most outstanding students, Pauline Lavulavu and Taipe ‘Isitolo thanked the Ministry of Police for the valuable training.


The program was to mark the conclusion of the first leadership program and plan is in the pipeline to host it again next year.


Attending the program were representatives from the government ministries, principals and parents.

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