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Consumers need to be more wary when buying cheap food items

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 19/12/2017


There is a need to ensure the quality of the food items are safe before it is bought and consumed, especially in this Christmas season.


This follows the Food Division received a complaint concerning a food item bought at a fast food restaurant which contained a rotten egg.


The CEO of the Food Division, Dr. Viliami Manu, says in their conversations with the restaurant and store in concern, they found that the eggs were damaged so they were sold at a significantly cheaper price.


The restaurant then bought the eggs which they used in their cooking to serve their customers.


Dr. Viliami Manu says they have issued warnings to the restaurant that sold the food item with the rotten egg, and also to the store which the restaurant bought the eggs from, while at the same time, conducting further investigation into the issue


Sandradee Fifita – Director of Consumer Affairs – emphasized the importance to take caution when purchasing food items especially if they are cheap because they are damaged goods.


Fifita urged the people to consider the quality of the food item they buy and not just the price as the price may be affordable but the food item is no longer fit for human consumption.


There are many complaints going about on social media regarding the selling of such food items and is raising much concern during this Christmas season.

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