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People of Niuatoputapu warmly welcomes their first trimaran ‘Utu Ma’atu

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 21/12/2017


The people of Niuatoputapu were very excited this morning to welcome the first arrival of the trimaran ‘Utu Ma’atu at the Pasivulangi Habour despite the bad weather.


Radio Tonga’s Stringer on the island – Louina Pongi says the people are taking part at a float parade from Hihifo to the wharf to be followed with a luncheon and other entertainments.


The trimaran ‘Utu Ma’atu was commissioned by His Majesty – King Tupou VI last month in Nuku’alofa.


The double mast – trimaran was designed to meet the needs of the poor and isolated people in the outer islands.


The wind powered canoe is the first of its kind and it had an engine which is only used when it docks at Niuafo’ou because the island has no wharf.


It has a carrying capacity of 12 passengers and 30 tonns of goods.


The cost of the trimaran was more than 1 million pa’anga funded by the people of the two Niuas locally and abroad.


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