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French Polynesia invites Tonga for the Pacific Business Days


Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 17/01/2018


Tonga is among 15 countries in the Pacific regions that were invited to be part of the Pacific Business Days in Tahiti-French Polynesia.


A representative from the government and the South Pacific Employers Organisation (RPPS)-Kaha Brown was in Nuku’alofa yesterday to invite the government and the Chambers of Commerce to participate in the event which will be held in Tahiti on March 20th – 23rd.


“This event aims to gather 15 countries in the Pacific to foster communication between these countries and to allow private sector to facilitate the exchange between all these countries,” Brown said.


She says they are very aware of the Pacific Islands Forum which is the political aspects of the trade and commerce agreement in the Pacific but this initiative is to facilitate trading.


“All these countries can be benefit from the event first by knowing the good people that they need to talk in the 15 countries. So we also have some good topics on which may be countries can get together for example we will have one topic on air and transport logistic marine transport and logistic also. We have one debate on foreign direct investment. We also have one debate on digital in the Pacific and tourism. All these countries have a voice and can explain what they want to do for the Pacific and the vision for their country and  how they want to operate the government’s vision between all these countries,” Brown said.


Brown says the Private sector in French Polynesia is in a really good state and they are eager to offer training to any Pacific countries including Tonga.


The Pacific Business Days was organized by the Private sector in French Polynesia in close partnership with the French government.


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