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Two young men arrested for robbing a foreigner

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 23/01/2018

 Police have arrested two young men residing in Liahona area alleged for robbing a foreigner during the weekend.

The Acting Chief Superintendent of the Nuku’alofa Police Station – Tevita Vailea said the two young men were from Nukunuku and Fo’ui between the ages of 35-38.

They have been released to appear at the Magistrate Court this week.

Vailea adds, investigation continues with the OE robbery case, as they are trying to locate the suspect.

Meanwhile, the result from the Operation Safe Street recorded an increase in the number of charges in cases related to alcohol.

Last week 37 people were arrested and majorities were men from the Nuku’alofa area.

Vailea also urges the public for more cooperation to ensure road safety and avoid road causalities.

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