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Tonga Family Health calls on media organizations for more cooperation

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 23/01/2018

Tonga Family Health has called upon media organizations to distribute the right information to the public regarding the problems faced by families and youths.

The call was made during a one day training workshop hosted by Tonga Family Health Association to the media outlets in the country.

The program manager of the Tonga Family Health Association, Catherine Mafi says this workshop is for media personnel to be well-informed of their clinical services before they could inform and empower the public to make the right decision.

Mafi says they will be conducting programs to parents to ensure their children’s safety and their whereabouts.

Mafi says over the past years, the programs that they have conducted were effective including the dramas by Filitonu group.

She says this helps raise more awareness about the problems faced by youths.

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