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Viking Sun visits Tonga with 950 passengers

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 23/01/2018

The arrival of the second cruise ship to Tongatapu this year – the Viking Sun, is a great opportunity for the handicrafts makers to sell their crafts to the tourists.

This cruise ship had passengers of up to 950 people from all around Europe.

A handicrafts seller at Vuna Wharf, Molini Folaumoeloa says selling handicrafts is her only source of income.

Another seller, Etina Favai says she is extremely grateful for her earnings and the money collected will help her family especially when schools are about to start.

The Viking Sun docked at Vuna Wharf this morning, arriving from Fiji, and will depart Nuku’alofa for Auckland New Zealand.

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