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Nationwide Early Warning System project to start this year

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 29/01/2018

Discussions for Nationwide Early Warning System project known as NEWS funded by the Japanese government, came to a wrap last Friday with the signing of the minutes of discussion.


The signatories included CEO for MEIDECC – Paula Ma’u, CEO for Finance – Balwyn Fa’otusia, AGM for TBC – Solomone Finau, and Tomoyuki Naito from JICA.


The project is expected to begin later this year, which is the reconstruction and refurbishment of the Tonga Broadcasting Commission together with the upgrade of the radio equipment to all the island groups in Tonga.


The mission leader with the group from the JICA HQ – Mr. Tomoyuki Naito says disaster management is one of the areas that Japan would like to see improved around the world, especially since the country has faced many major natural disasters.


This project would enable a more efficient warning system for the entire nation.


This project is under the Ministry of MEIDECC in the department of Disaster Management and Metrology, which the CEO Paula Ma’u, says greatly benefit Tonga’s capability to prepare for any disaster.


With the completion of the project in approximately 2020, Tonga’s disaster management capability would be vastly improved in being able to deliver early warnings in the case of an emergency.


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