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People of the two Niuas were delighted with their new truck

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 30/01/2018


The people of the two Niuas who arrived last Saturday on the – MV ‘Otu Anga’ofa were delighted with the new truck donated by the Chinese Government.


This truck has been named, ‘Ongo Niua 17 – Lele mei Tokelau and it aims to assist the people from the two islands to help transport their cargoes shipped from the two islands.


The two Niuas MP, Vatau Hui says the assistance was really helpful because it enable those who did not have any vehicle to transport their goods shipped from the two islands to their homes.


Meanwhile, the spokesperson for the two Niuas – Poptaylor Tonga says the people on the two islands are very happy with the assistance.


Tonga says this new truck is very helpful because some people have to pay for a truck to transport their cargos to their homes.


About 200 hundred passengers from the two Niuas were on board the MV ‘Otu Anga’ofa when it arrived last Saturday.


The truck Ongo Niua 17 – Lele mei Tokelau was donated by the Chinese Government aiming to help the people of the two Niuas.


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