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Public Servants at Lulunga and ‘Otu Mu’omu’a are appealing to be paid soon

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 30/01/2018

The Public servants in the Lulunga and ‘Otu Mu’omu’a District are appealing to the Authorities to be paid soon because they are yet to receive their wages for this month.


District officer of Ha’afeva – Kisione Taulani Fatai says, they have obligations to their families, churches, communities and the nation but they can not fulfill it because they are yet to be paid.


He says, public servants desperately need their wages to fulfill their duties as their children are already on their way to the main island to start the new academic year and they need stationary items and school fees.


Fatai adds, an officer from the Government was able to visit the island but it was for the monthly allowance for elderly people.


He says, contacts have been made to the authorities on the island but nothing much can be done.


The district officer highlights his disappointment over the issue because it is not the first time they have experience it.


Meanwhile, the People’s representative of Ha’apai 13 to Parliament – Veivosa Taka says the problem will be sorted out soon.


He also adds meeting will be held this evening and a solution to the situation should be provided either today or tomorrow.


Contacts have been made to the Ministry of Finance and related stakeholders for a comment regarding the matter but to no avail.


More than 60 public servants are working in the Lulunga and ‘Otu mu’omu’a districts including teachers, town and district officers.


The Lulunga and ‘Otu Mu’omu’a districts include the island of ‘O’ua, Matuku, Kotu ,Ha’afeva, Tungua, Fotuha’a, Tofua , Nomuka Fonoi and Mango.


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