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Views from the Frontline project to pilot in Tonga

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 30/01/2018

The Global Network of Civil Societies Organization for Disaster Reduction – GNDR – has chosen Tonga together with The Philippines to pilot the Views from the Frontline project.

GNDR Project Manager – Ms. Lucy Pearson and VFL Coordinator with Ms. Lorna Victoria are here in Tonga to facilitate the workshop on the pilot project in Tonga.

Representatives from the Tonga Community Development Trust and the Centre for Disaster Preparedness in The Philippines participated in this workshop, which began this morning.

The project coordinator – Lorna Victoria – says this pilot project will collect and analyze data from the people who are in the vulnerable areas and will enable the cooperating partners to implement relevant and ultimately effective national disaster preparedness plans.

Victoria says this pilot project will also be used in other countries as well.

This program is aimed to receive information from those who are affected by various disasters, going to the grassroots for information to be able to form an effective national disaster preparedness plan that would be relevant for different nations.

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