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Regional Policy Consultation to discuss key regional issues

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 31/01/2018


A team from the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat is hosting a regional policy consultation in Tonga with the government officials and the private sectors to get their views on issues that can be addressed regionally by the Pacific Islands Forum.

The team is currently in Nuku’alofa and they have started the consultation workshop with the senior government officials today at Fa’onelua convention centre.


A similar consultation will be carried out tomorrow for civil societies, private sectors and related stakeholders.


The objective is to gather public views and to consolidate a report for the Forum Leaders’ meeting.


The Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat-Director, Governance and Engagements Sione Tekiteki says, this is part of the work that they carry out to look into ways how to make the Pacific regions stronger.


“The whole point of the consultation is just to get perspectives of different stakeholders within the regions and what are some of the key issues that they would like to try and resolve as a collective solution by Forum Members,” Tekiteki said.


He says they came up with key issues to be discussed including Pacific Resilience Facility, labour mobility among other important issues but the consultation will also take views from the public about ongoing issues faced in the regions.


“There are some that we are looking to discuss and get specific feedback on. These relate to obviously to the regional security and some of the key issues that is happening. There is also discussion on foreign policy and we are looking at having a common foreign policy,” Tekiteki said.


He says they are hoping to get a national view on creating a Regional fund to increase resilience development in the Pacific Resilience development in the Pacific.


Tekiteki says the whole point is to find regional solutions to the problems faced in the regions.


The program will end on Friday.


Similar consultation will be carried in other Pacific Islands Forum members.



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