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Public Servants at Lulunga and ‘Otumu’omu’a to be paid soon

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 31/01/2018

The People’s representative of Ha’apai Constituency 13 to Parliament says related stakeholders had drawn a conclusion to solve the issue of public servants working without pay for about a month in the Lulunga and ‘Otumu’omu’a district.

Veivosa Taka says, this was the outcome from a meeting conducted yesterday to find solutions to problem.

This was after the district officer of Ha’afeva contacted Radio Tonga News to express their disappointment for working without pay in January.

He says public servants desperately need their pay because their children are preparing for the new academic year and they have other obligations to fulfill.

More than 60 public servants are working in the Lulunga and ‘Otu mu’omu’a districts including teachers, town and district officers.

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