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Bids completed for the Niutoua wind power generations

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 06/02/2018


The Nishi-zawa Corporation and NBK Corporation in Japan were awarded with the contracts for the procurement and installation of wind power generation LOT 1 and grid stabilization system LOT 2 in Tonga.


This follows a trip to Tokyo and Okinawa, Japan led by the Minister for Public Enterprises Dr Saia Piukala late last month.


The focus of the visit was to attend the bid ceremony and follow on negotiations for the JICA wind project.


The objective of the project is to introduce renewable energy and diversify power supply sources through the installation of a 1.3 megawatt wind power generation system in Niutoua, Tongatapu.


The meetings in Tokyo centered on the scope of works for the project which involved Lot 1 for the wind power generator system and Lot 2 for the grid stabilization system as well as implementation of the project in Tonga.


Piukala said that given the significance of the wind farm project towards Tonga’s renewable energy target, he understands the importance of wind generation and the need for a battery storage system for grid stability in order to achieve 50% renewable energy by 2020.


CEO of Tonga Power Limited Robert Matthews said, the Wind Power is an essential requirement.


He added wind can produce energy during the day and night and it’s an essential part of the renewable energy mix.


The land clearance for the Wind power generations will begin this month.

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