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Milkfish have been rediscovered in Nomuka

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 08/02/2018

The people on the island of Nomuka in Ha’apai are celebrating the rediscovery of milkfish – known in Tongan as ‘ava – in their waters.

Milkfish is very unique to the island of Nomuka.

It is special to the people because it is part of their history and they have a traditional fishing method that is apparently the only way they can catch the fish.

The district officer of the Lulunga District – Samuela Taufa says it has been many years since the milkfish was last seen in Nomuka, approximately 50 years ago,

He says the rediscovery of the milkfish on the island is a good news for the people.

One of the locals from Nomuka – Noa Latu says the milkfish is important to the island and part of their duty when they harvest the fish is to make a traditional presentation to the king.

Locals from the island are in Tongatapu for the traditional presentation.

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