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Tax and duty exempted from foreign aid supplies in the wake of TC Gita

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 22/02/2018


A new Government Policy has been implemented on the exemption of duty and tax of foreign aid supplies from overseas countries due to the damage from TC Gita.


Head of the Customs Division – Kelemete Vahe says, the policy is in two categories –  1st is the urgent aid supplies such as food items, clothes and beds.


These urgent needs are to be sent within 6 months following the actual day of the Cyclone – which is February 12.


The second category of items exempted from duty and CT are materials for the recovery and reconstruction period such as vehicles and building materials, to be sent after two years from the date of the cyclone’s devastation.


The personal assistance from overseas to their families in Tonga will have to be assessed from NEMO before they’re released to the public.


NEMO will verify if the assistance are for the victims of GITA or not.


Tonga has received various assistance from foreign countries following last week’s disaster.


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