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Tongan linesmen from New Zealand arrive to assist with Tonga Power’s recovery operations

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 01/03/2018

Many homes are still without power in Tongatapu, almost three weeks following Cyclone Gita, but Tongan linesmen from North Power in New Zealand have arrived to assist with Tonga Powers operations to restore power to the island.

This group of five, led by Taniela Fainga, arrived last night.

Fainga told Radio Tonga News, they are here as part of aid from the NZ government together with NorthPower and he and the rest of the group are very enthusiastic about being here to help the people.

The group started working today to the power lines at Hala’ovave. They will be here in Tonga for the next 5-6 weeks depending on the progress of their operations.

He says they all grew up and worked here in Tonga before they received the opportunity to move to NZ to work. So when they heard the news of the devastation left by Gita here in the kingdom, they were eager to return and lend a helping hand.

Seti Chen – Operations Manager of Tonga Power Limited expressed their appreciation of this assistance from North Power, who Tonga Power has cooperated with numerous times over the past years. Chen says the group’s skills and knowledge will be very useful.

Upon the completion of the groups work here in Tonga, they will donate all the equipment that they have brought with them, to be utilized by Tonga Power.

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