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Lord Tu’ivakano charged with 11 passport offences

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 02/03/2018


Lord Tu’ivakano has been charged allegedly for making a false statement to obtain a passport, perjury, acceptance of bribery and money laundering.


Police Passport Task force arrested the 66 years old former Prime Minister on Thursday.


He appeared at Fasi Magistrate Court on Friday with 11 charges and his case was adjourned to March 26.


His Legal Counsel Clive Edwards Senior told Radio Tonga News that police need to provide proof beyond reasonable doubt in order for the trial to continue the High Court and if they don’t have enough evidence, the case will be dismissed.


He adds the court will review the evidence behind the charges which it will be in the form of written submission on March 26.


Lord Tu’ivakano was arrested on Thursday and he was released on Friday.


In a press statement, the Police Commissioner Steve Caldwell thanked and commended on the investigation by the Passport Task force.


The Passport investigation continues.


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