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Family protection Legal Aid Center for Tonga

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 08/03/2018


The Ministry of Justice has announced the opening of the first ever Family protection Legal Aid center here in Nuku’alofa next week. The centre aims at helping people who are facing violence within their families.


Information from the Ministry of Justice says, in 2013 Tonga passed the Family protection Act in order to ensure the safety and protection of all persons including children who experience or witness domestic violence.


Domestic violence is referred to any physical, sexual or mental abuse that occurs within a domestic or family setting.


Not only that but the act can also provide for specific offences relating to domestic violence, thus ensuring that violence in the family is no longer considered a private matter but that it is a societal concern requiring intervention and eradication.


However, this center will assist any person facing violence within their families by providing free legal assistance, advice and representation.


They can also provide assistance in applying for protection orders under the Family Protection Act and other related family law matters which occur as a result of a breach of the Act.


The center was initiated under the leadership of the late Susana Faletau, the CEO for the Ministry of Justice and was established through close collaboration between the Ministry and the Pacific Community through its regional rights resource team.


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