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Consumer Affairs calls on the public to “Be a more cautious Shopper”

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 15/03/2018


The Ministry of Commerce, Consumer, Trade, Innovation, and Labour is urging consumers to be more cautious about the items that they purchase.


This was the theme for World Consumer Rights Day celebrated by the Consumer Affairs and Trading Division here in Tonga today.


Representatives from Consumer Affairs together with the Food Authority Division from the Ministry of Agriculture hosted a special press conference this morning to mark the day.


The CEO of the Ministry for Labour – Edgar Cocker, says the World Consumer Rights Day is an opportunity for the consumers to learn about their rights.


In the devastation from Cyclone Gita, many retail stores in Tongatapu were damaged along with many of their food items.


A representative from the Food Authority Division – Luseane Taufa says they were able to work closely with the Consumer Affairs Division as well as the Public Health Division to ensure that damaged goods are not to be sold to consumers.


Despite all the work carried out by these ministries, the consumers are still responsible to get to know the goods before they buy them.


The Director for Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading Division, Sandra Fifita, says the theme this year, “Be a more cautious shopper”, is a call for consumers to be more cautious when they purchase items.


World Consumer Rights Day is celebrated annually on March 15th.


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