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Thousands of Tongans attended the Polyfest in NZ

 Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 20/03/2018

It is vital to preserve the tradition and culture of Tonga for the next generations.


That was the purpose of the largest Polynesian festival in the world known as PolyFest held last weekend at Manukau, New Zealand.


The chairman of the Tongan council, Melino Maka says it is important to preserve the Tongan tradition especially for Tongans raised up overseas.


Maka said the Tongan students in New Zealand are more patriotic comparing to those living in Tonga.


Tens of thousands of Tongans attended this festival in which Auckland Girls Grammar School claimed first place for the sitting dance or ma’ulu’ulu using the late Queen Salote’s songs.


Other traditional dances were performed on the Tongan stage – such as the the group dance – tau’olunga, war dance kailao and lakalaka.


The Tonga sisters of Tongan heritage also performed at the Tonga stage.


This year’s PolyFest is said to be the largest international festival ever to be held in New Zealand.


Items from other countries in the world such as Asia, the Caribbean, and India were also performed on stage.


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