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King and Country offer up the future of the nation to God

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 26/03/2018


At a national call for prayer yesterday evening, His Majesty the King, and members of the Royal family, joined thousands who gathered to pray for Tonga.

His Majesty King Tupou VI humbly knelt together with people in a national prayer service yesterday offering up the country to God.


The darkening clouds gathering in the sky did not deter the thousands of people gathering at the Pangai Lahi grounds for the national call to prayer for repentance and renewal. Also attending this special prayer service was Her Royal Highness Princess Salote Mafile’o Pilolevu Tuita, and other members of the royal family.


This was organized by the church leaders of the country, in light of recent difficulties that the country has faced.


At the service, the Secretary of the Free Wesleyan Church – Rev. Dr. Tevita Havea, gave the alarming statistics of crimes that have been committed in the period following TC Gita up to yesterday evening.


The sharp rise in crime during this period, in stark comparison to the entire year of 2017, is cause for concern, and so this prayer service was organized, calling for the people to pray and intercede for the country and the growing challenges it faces.


Rev Dr. Mohenoa Puloka raised concern about the murder of an Asian couple last month, saying this crime marks a dark time for the country, having betrayed the trust of these foreigners who had sought refuge in our land.


He compared this to how the Tongan Diaspora are warmly welcomed abroad.


He called for Tongans to welcome the foreigners visiting our lands just as foreign nations welcome our Tongan sisters and brothers when they seek a better life abroad.


The prayer service was a heartwarming event for the thousands gathered there, as well as the many more watching on on television and listening in on the radio, witnessing the King of Tonga and the leaders of this country praying together for the future of the nation.


Giving proof to words of a famous Tongan hymn, “Pule’anga mo e Siasi ka e malohi ha fonua” – The church and state must stand together for the country to stand at all.


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