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Local growers are in full support of Government’s initiative

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 29/03/2018


Many Growers here in Tonga have expressed how happy they are with the government’s new initiative which allows them to export their local produce to overseas markets.


Speaking to Radio Tonga News, the CEO of the Ministry of Labour – Edgar Cocker said, the initiative was one of the government’s move in trying to solve challenges face by growers in the country.


One of the challenges is looking for a market for their produce overseas, but the government has come up with initiative to help assist growers in this area.


Not only that but growers are expected to follow proper process and ensure that their produce are frozen before exporting it to overseas market. With the Government’s new initiative growers are only expected to ensure that the produce are clean and ready for shipment.


Growers throughout Tonga are fortunate with this new initiative.


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