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Education is the best solution for poverty says Minister of Education

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 05/04/2018


Education is the best solution for poverty.


This was a statement made yesterday by the Minister of Education and Training – Penisimani Fifita in his address at a scholarship award program of the Spare Parts Zone company.


He emphasized the importance of education to the 14 Tonga High School and Tonga College ‘Atele students who are the recipients of the scholarships.


The Minister of Education – Penisimani Fifita says education is important for solving poverty in the country but with that, comes a lot of work and sacrifice.


Meanwhile, the director of the Spare Parts Zone company – Mohammed Razak says, they hope these scholarship awards will benefit the students.


“The thing is that when we interviewed some of the workers who came to us to work. The downfall was – most of them couldn’t afford to go to school due to no school fees. So I thought if we could contribute to the students’ maybe in the near future that will be a good asset for our country, for the parents and everything. So we need to make sure that when we give out the scholarships, we give it to the right people.”


He also says this scholarship will be extended in the near future to students in the university level.


Attending the program were the students, their parents, and other invited guests.


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