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Fua’amotu Airport’s new air traffic control tower construction to be completed by next February

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 06/04/2018


The Fua’amotu Airport is about to get an upgrade in its air traffic control services with the construction of a new air traffic control tower, expected to be completed in February next year.


The air traffic control tower is where the air traffic controllers operate from.


The services conducted from the tower are aerodrome control and approach control.


The controllers are responsible for the separation and efficient movement of aircraft and vehicles operating on the runways of the airport.


The CEO of Tonga Airports Limited (TAL) – Viliami Ma’ake says, the current location of the air traffic control tower is not ideal, and so the new tower will be taller and it’s constructed in a location where the controllers have a clear view of the runway.


The new tower will also be equipped with upgraded technology that enhances the capabilities of the controllers, for a more efficient operation.


Ma’ake says, later this year they will introduce a surveillance technology used by many airports abroad, the Automatic Dependant Surveillance Broadcast – ADSB, which is safer and easier for the controllers, and there will be new communications technology which will all be installed in the new tower.


The old tower will still be maintained as a back up in the event of an emergency.


The construction of the new tower began in February.

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