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20 year old male still missing at the Blowholes in Houma

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 09/04/2018

A 20 year old male from Fahefa is still missing at the Blowholes in Houma since yesterday morning.

Tevita ‘Ekuasi was reported to have jumped into the sea with another male that they were consuming alcohol.

The other male survived.

Search and rescue team from Tonga Police started searching yesterday but ‘Atunaisa Taumoepeau said, they had to call it off because of the rough seas.

Taumoepeau said they were hoping to continue with the search today, but information received from Tonga’s Met Office has confirmed rough seas for today.

However, many family members and friends of the missing person were at the Blowholes yesterday morning waiting for the outcome of the search.

Tevita ‘Ekuasi was well known in the rugby fields and he has represented Tonga to international tournaments such as the Hong Kong Sevens.

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