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Ministry of Health concerns over unhygienic food preparation

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 11/04/2018

One of the popular restaurants in Nuku’alofa was closed down for five days due to unhygienic food preparation.

The Supervising Health Inspector of the Public Health Division of Vaiola Hospital Sela Fa’u says a surprise inspection was carried out last Friday after they received a complaint about the restaurant.

She says this inspection found the kitchen at the restaurant was unfit for food preparation. Fa’u says another inspection was carried out yesterday which found the state of the kitchen had improved and was now in a satisfactory condition.

The Supervising Health Inspector says she told the restaurant owner that the customers have the right to check if the food preparation site is clean before buying the food.

Following the satisfactory result of the recent inspection, the restaurant has been given the green light to reopen today.

The Ministry of Health emphasizes the importance for the restaurant operators and caters to ensure that their restaurants are clean at all times and for the cooked food to be stored in a safe place away from the insects like flies.

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