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Lord Sevele of Vailahi says PM Pohiva is misleading the public.

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 13/04/2018

Former Prime Minister, Lord Sevele of Vailahi told press this morning that Prime Minister Pohiva is misleading the public.

Lord Sevele of Vailahi’s comment was in response to allegation made the by PM Pohiva during a press conference with media last week where he said that there was an amendment to the Constitution but it was made outside of Parliament.

However, during the same press conference, Pohiva’s Media Advisor Lopeti Senituli corrected the PM saying that all the amendments to the Constitution were duly passed in Parliament.

Lord Sevele says, this is a very serious allegation and it’s false. He says all the amendments to the constitution were done according to the law and the Constitution of Tonga and passed by the Legislative Assembly.

Meanwhile, Vava’u 15 representative to Parliament Samiu Vaipulu whom he was a Minister during Lord Sevele’s leadership says the Legislative Assembly has the minutes of discussion of every amendment to the constitution and that was approved in Parliament.

Meantime, Lord Nuku who was also a Minister during Lord Sevele’s government says he did not believes that there was an amendment approved anywhere else apart from Parliament.

He says everything has to be approved by the Legislative Assembly before passing it to the Privy Council.

Other issues were discussed during the press conference today at the Tonga National Centre include the appointment of the Attorney General, Police Commissioner among others.

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