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Nomuka’s growers dissatisfied with the categorization of this year’s Royal Agricultural show

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 16/04/2018

The growers on the island of Nomuka are dissatisfied with how the Ministry of Agriculture categorized the competitions for this year’s Royal Agricultural Show.

Individual growers are no longer part of the competitions but it will be joined-effort representing the whole district.

Noa Latu, from Nomuka says the islanders were made aware during their village meeting – fono this morning that they are competing in districts not as individual.

Latu says, they are appealing to the authorities to use the old method that they have used in the past years for the competitions.

He says the competition motivated individual growers to work hard not only to earn daily income but to be able to be part of this National Annual program.

He adds, the Royal Agriculture Show is the only annual program where they can showcase their local produce and be able to get prizes.

HOWEVER, the Ministry of Agriculture has confirmed the categories for the competition have to be lessen in order to increase the prize money for the competitions.

For instance, some prizes were few dollars but that has been increased to $300- 500 pa’anga.

The Royal Agriculture Show will kick off in Ha’apai on June 23rd.

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