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Awards for climate change high achievers

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 17/04/2018

It is important for the staff at the Climate Change Department to uplift their skills and knowledge in the climate change area because it will enable the country to withstand its negative effects.


Dr. Langitoto Helu from the Climate Resilience Sector Project made the statement after three of their staff were among those receiving High Achievement Awards from the University of the South Pacific’s Faculty of Science, Technology and Environment last month.


He says this is part of a long-term training for 20 civil servants who were chosen last year to be part of the first phase of the program.


Dr. Helu says those who were awarded with the awards were high achievers from the Environmental and Marine Science.


He says the awards will help empower these high achievers to help raise awareness about climate change in Tonga.


The awardees were Mele Langafo’ou, Sela Latu, Mumui La’akulu, Gatton Tonga and Nimilote Halatoafa.


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