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Warnings issued to shops caught for selling expired food items

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 24/04/2018

The Food Division of the Ministry of Agriculture has issued warnings to all the shops where they have found expired goods on their shelves.

The Head of the Food Division says they are completing the requirements needed for the Food Regulation in order to ensure that the expired food items are no longer for sale.

Metui Falesiva says, special attention has been paid to local and Asian Shops in Nuku’alofa that have been caught once or twice for selling expired goods.

Falesiva highlights that consumer has a right to return any expired food to the shop BUT in order for their operation to run smoothly every consumer is strongly advised to get the receipt for every item purchased.

Hundreds of soda cans and other food items are under the Food Authority to be destroyed at Tapuhia dumping site soon.

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