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Culture and Tradition week to mark in Tonga

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 26/04/2018

It is vital for the public to co-operate and preserve Tongan culture and tradition to ensure it’s not going erode.

That is the purpose of programs initiated by the Cultural Division of the Ministry of Tourism for next week.

Speaking to Radio Tonga News, the Deputy Director of the Division Pulupaki Ika says, the purpose of the week long program is to develop the public knowledge on Tongan culture and tradition because its value is declining.

She says they have seen different attitude and behavior lately, so there is a need to strengthen and educate locals on the Four Golden Strands because if people are well aware about it then there wouldn’t be such behavior.

Programs during The Culture and tradition week include the ceremony of installing a noble to be led by the Ngata clan, the ceremony of a Tongan wedding and other programs.

The tradition and culture week will also mark the 30th anniversary of the Tonga National Centre.

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