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Tonga raised Climate Change and its impacts during Commonwealth Youth Forum

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 27/04/2018

Climate Change and its impacts in Tonga was the main focused raised by two youth representatives from Tonga to the Commonwealth Youth Forum in London, Britain last week. The representatives were Reverend Penisimani Tonga and Lineti Makaafi.

In an interview with Rev. Penisimani Tonga he says the theme for the summit was “Towards a common future”.

He says Sustainability, Fairness, Security and Prosperity were the key areas for the Commonwealth Youth Forum.

It was mainly based on the four key areas but for Tonga we really voiced out the importance of Climate Change and for them aware of the small islands and what we are going through right now with Climate change. We had to choose an area where to attend so we Me and Makaafi we chose the Sustainability focusing on the blue and Green Economy,” he said.

He also emphasized the importance for everyone to cooperate in order to have a Sustainable Economy.

“The Government needs to strengthen its ties with NGO’s that are working on sustainability programs and enhancing and ensuring that the future of the nation is well informed that changing that is happening in our environment and with our daily lives,” he said.

Rev. Penisimani Tonga is the chairperson of the Youth Pilgrimage for Justice and Peace Working Committee. He says they have a Committee for Environment and more cooperation will be carried out with members of this committee.

“But I will make use of the skills and the things that I have learnt from this meeting with our environment committee to work together with the people in the community especially the young people raising awareness for climate Change just to provide more action plan and ideas that will help us as we tackle this problem that is currently a reality nowadays,” he said.

Rev. Tonga says one of the important issues raised during the forum was the importance for youths to make use of every opportunity available for them to address the issue of unemployment.

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