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Cyber Security and Safety Training for the locals in Ha’apai.

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 30/04/2018

Tonga CERT is concerned about the safety of the internet users in Pangai and Nomuka Ha’apai considering the fact that fiber optic has landed on their shore.

A cyber-security and safety training for the locals was hosted by Tonga CERT to make them well-aware about crimes committed through the internet.

Cyber security refers to measures taken to protect against the criminal or unauthorized use of electronic data.

CERT Director- Saia Vaipuna says the training provides a platform to communicate with the communities and offer tips with guidance on how to be secured when using the internet.

He also highlights that the training is timely as the submarine fiber optic cable was recently commissioned on the island.

The Tonga CERT Board was concerned about the safety of individual internet users and they are not only focused on organizations but also the communities.

The lead facilitator of the training – Paula Latapu says parents were glad after attending the training because they have a fair understanding about internet and how it can affect their children.

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