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Social problems can be solved through cooperation

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 30/04/2018

The social problems face by youths in Tonga can be solved through cooperation between related stakeholders. Rev Penisimani Tonga made the statement leading up to the National Dialogue initiated by Tonga Broadcasting Commission which will be held this Wednesday and Thursday.

The National Dialogue will be an opportunity to discuss social problems and to find effective solutions.

Rev Penisimani Tonga says, Parents, Church and Community Leaders, Village Council and District Officers should work together to address these issues.

He says, he strongly believes that these problems can be solved.

Rev Tonga says a lot of people in the country are giving up on youths because of their problems but it’s vital for the nation to look into it.

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Rev Penisimani Tonga

I believe if we are to work together create that awareness and that sense of belonging in our young people and just to allow the young people to express themselves in all the aspects of the society we believe there is still hope. For me I am very optimistic that all these issues and problems can be solved it’s just the matter of us finding the right solution, first I guess we need to identify the problem and then find the right solution for the problem,” he said.

Tonga Broadcasting Commission’s National dialogue will focus on social issues such as school dropouts, drugs and alcohol abuse among others. It will be held at Kalofiama of Epworth in Kolofo’ou at 5pm on Wednesday and 9 30 am on Thursday.

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