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Expired food items still available in Ha’apai

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 1/05/2018

Food Division of the Ministry of Agriculture has recorded food items that have been expired for more than 10 years, are still available for sale at some shops on the islands of Ha’apai.

The issue was raised during a meeting with the Food officials from the outer islands last week.

The Head of the Food Division Metui Falesiva says, strategic plans are to be drafted to address the matter immediately.

The canned food items are mainly distributed from Tongatapu.

Meanwhile, the task-force from the Food Division and related stakeholders are continuing with their weekly operation to ensure that the expired food items are not for sale.

Last Friday, some of the expired food items removed from the shelves were destroyed at the Tapuhia Dumping site.

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