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Young Pacific Leader is hoping for a stronger and more effective Pacific voice in the CYC

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 1/05/2018

The newly elected Pacific Regional Representative to the Commonwealth Youth Council, Elizabeth Kite is hoping to give the Pacific a stronger and more effective voice across the Commonwealth.

Kite was elected as the Pacific Regional Representative during Commonwealth Youth Forum, last month in London.

She says the Pacific has much to offer the world and she looks forward to sharing more of this across the Commonwealth.

Elizabeth Kite’s key goals are to prioritize education for all, empower underrepresented groups and to tackle climate change to leave a safer planet for future generations.

As a female young leader in the Pacific, Kite says challenges are inevitable no matter what your gender is, your age or background.

She says that it’s important to embrace whatever comes your way.

Good and bad, but stresses the importance of establishing a strong support network.

She is thankful to her family, close friends, and mentors who always help her overcome hardships, both personal and with her work and efforts for Tonga and the Pacific.

Kite was one of the young Pacific leaders received Queen’s Young Leaders Awards from HM Queen Elizabeth II last year in London.

She leads educational initiatives for young people in Tonga.

Kite is the founder of Tonga Youth Leaders (TYL), a national youth-led NGO providing opportunities for young Tongans to become the next generation of the regional leaders.

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