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Tonga Netball releases the result of its one year survey

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 04/05/2018

Sports and Health advocates are needed to reach out to the people at their most comfort zone to provide firsthand information and actions required in order to improve the lives of Tongans through increased physical activity and health.


This was the outcome from a one year survey conducted by Tonga Netball Association from 2016-2017, funded by the Australian Government.


General Manager of Tonga Netball Association- Salote Sisifa says three local surveyors carried out the survey to 400 women.


“Trying to find out why women on villages don’t take part in sports, this was a request from Tonga Netball to Australia to help us identify why people won’t come to sports, when we are providing it on a large scale.  So Australia helped us financially through Sydney Australia who came up with a survey and we conducted in that to 14 villages throughout Tongatapu to find out why they are not participating in sports. What we found out is, unless we go out ,they will not meet us half way, despite advertises on Radio and TV . They like to be at their comfort zone. “

The result was presented by the University of Sydney and Tonga Netball to the Hon. Minister of Health – Saia Piukala, this morning.


Tonga Netball Association is also excited to announce the netball competition will reach out to the two Niuas this year for the first time.


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