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Families Free of Violence program launched this morning

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 04/05/2018

There is a need to strengthen the ability of service providers and government agencies in order to work collaboratively towards prevention of family violence in accordance with the Family Protection Act 2014.

That is the aim of a program this morning known as the “Families Free of Violence” hosted by the Women’s Affairs Division from the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The program is for the leaders from related stakeholders who work to address the issue of violence against women and children.

The program manager, Eleni Mone says this workshop is an opportunity for the leaders from various organizations to come together to share their ideas on ways to prevent domestic violence in the country.

Organizations here today provide the services to anybody who goes through violence within the family. Churches organization, health, police, and justice, in providing services to the public. This coming together of the organizations is important in collaboration and networking – sharing best practices so that the service that they provide to the public is strengthened and supported and it’s good to get together – to share experiences.

She also elaborates on the importance of this program for the benefit of women and children suffering from domestic violence.

I am so happy that so many leaders have attended and the work is not that easy. So we always depend on public support, public engagements with the work that we do. I’m happy that the news is here to cover it and show exposure to the public and join us

The three years program is funded by the Pacific Women in partnership with the Australian government and the Australian Federal Police.

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