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Social issues discussed during the National Dialogue

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 04/05/2018

Tonga Broadcasting Commission’s first National Dialogue completed yesterday with many issues raised and Government’s attention is urgently needed to address these matters.


The National Dialogue highlighted the uncertainty of Tonga’s standard in regards to social issues and its negative impacts on families.


Chairman of TBC’s Board of Director – Dr. Leonaitasi Hoponoa says, the main reason why Tonga Broadcasting Commission hosted its first ever national dialogue was to give the public the opportunity to raise their concerns and the national problems identified.


Hoponoa says the dialogue was a platform to discuss the national issues and to discuss effective solutions to solve these problems.


He says the pathway to a peaceful nation is difficult but achievable.


He emphasizes the importance for the public to cooperate and to ensure that everyone is responsible to play their roles.


One of the themes for the dialogue was “Tonga that we really want”.

Hoponoa says majority of the people including the Prime Minister are hoping to live in a peaceful nation, full of harmony, honest and love.


The Chairman of the Board of Directors says, the authorities are focusing on developments like infrastructure but they fail to address social problems.


However, the national dialogue was part of TBC’s role as house of light for the country and to provide them with useful information.

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