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PACMAS hosts a workshop for technicians in Tonga

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 07/05/2018

It is vital to strengthen and improve the knowledge of technicians from Broadcasters here in Nuku’alofa to provide good telecommunications, broadcasting and communication for the country.

That is the purpose of a two week workshop launched this morning.

Speaking to Radio Tonga News – Alan Hubard of Broadcast Australia who will facilitate the workshop said, this workshop will benefit the people of Tonga in many ways.

“ We will be Focusing on improving the technical knowledge by providing the workshop here for TV and Radio equipment transmission hopefully this next couple of weeks everybody from the Technical area of TBC and a couple of FM stations here in Tonga will be together working on technical equipment and going through some training,” Hubard said.

The workshop is funded by Australia’s  Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade through PACMAS.

In the address from the Deputy High Commissioner of Australia to Tonga – Rhona Mcphee, she says, the government of Australia fully supports this workshop.

“This last year has reminded us all on the importance of maintaining media communications to the public. We’ve had the dissolution of parliament last year, snap election and then cyclone Gita. Through all that people have tune to local media as their main source of information. The internet is becoming more important but in times like these public broadcasting is still the go to for many people as the most up to date and reliable source of information.  I’m really glad Australia could support this work through PACMAS,” Mcphee said.

Attending this morning’s program were Chairman and members of TBC Board, AGM and representatives from other radio stations.

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