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More than 20 million pa’anga allocated for the WASH Cluster

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 08/05/2018


More than 20 million pa’anga has been allocated for the operation of the Water Sanitation and Hygiene Cluster or otherwise known as WASH Cluster, following the devastation from TC Gita.


The Supervising Public Health Inspector – Sela Fa’u says they have assisted the locals by providing water purification tablet, pushing for a national cleaning up campaign and assisting the health and lifestyle of the people  following TC Gita.


The focus now is assisting the local schools to ensure it is safe from any mosquito borne disease by destroying the mosquito breeding areas.


She says, part of their role is to ensure that the water tanks in all schools are clean as well as the tanks at the local evacuation centers.


She says, a meeting was held yesterday for the WASH Cluster and related stakeholders to review their plans and operations before and after the cyclone.


Fa’u says it was an opportunity for discussions on ways to improve their daily services for the public.


The WASH Cluster also hopes all emergency aid supplies given to Tonga after the cyclone are stored in a secured place for future use especially in times disasters.

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