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Families still seek shelter at the church halls in Kolomotu’a

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 09/05/2018

Seven families are still seeking shelter at the evacuation centers in Kolomotu’a, almost three months after the devastation from TC Gita.

Families are sleeping at these Centers at night time but at day time, they return to their respective homes and carry out their daily chores.

The town officer of Kolomotu’a says – a family is using the FWC Hall of Tongata’eapa and six families are seeking shelter at the LDS Church – Matavaimo’ui.

Sio Tu’iano says, major damage were recorded at their homes, with roofs were blown off, while some, their houses were flooded with water.

Tonga has been experiencing few rainfall and victims of TC Gita in Kolomotu’a are using the evacuation centers temporarily because its facilities are safe.

Tu’iano has also set up a charity group called – ‘Amanaki Lelei with the purpose to seek funds to assist the victims of TC Gita.

Meanwhile, the Government is assisting the locals through services delivered by Clusters established after the cyclone.

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