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conductors starts preparing for the inter-college brass band festival in August

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 10/05/2018


A  two-day workshop for brass band conductors from 10 schools here in Tongatapu completed yesterday.


Speaking to Radio Tonga News, Howard Taylor – a renowned conductor from Australia who facilitated the workshop said, the workshop was aimed at raising the standard of conductor’s conducting techniques and how to rehearse bands and others.


 We have a workshop, not only with the band, but with the conductors and I try help them to raise their standard about conducting techniques and how to rehearse bands and it’s wonderful, we’ve been doing this for seven years and coming to do the workshop in May, and this is for the festival in August. This is what I want young people to be involve with. It helps so much with their life, and if they can have music and a little bit of fun, that’s our job.


He also spoke on the developments and outcomes of the workshop they have been doing in Nuku’alofa.


 It’s a positive yes, I remember when came here seven years ago, and it was the standard every year, we notice that it was going up and up. And last year, I was really taken back with the even from the lowest band to the highest band it’s gotten better and better each year. And that’s our purpose, to raise the standard they’re playing better music, and some of them just wow me. I wish I could take them back to Australia or New Zealand because they’re doing a great job.


The Ministry of Police is working together with HMAF, Ministry of Education and Training in carrying out these workshops and the annual inter college brass band festival.

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