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Local shops operating illegally in Tonga

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa,14/05/2018

The Ministry of Labour has identified local shops operating illegally which has caused them to lose their business license.


CEO of Labour – Edgar Cocker says, some people did not have a working visa but they are working in some of the local shops, as a shopkeeper.


He adds some businesses are yet to receive their license from the Ministry of Labour but they have already started their commercial operation which is illegal.


The Ministry of Labour is working collaboratively with related stakeholders to ensure that all local and foreign businesses are operating legally in Tonga in accordance to the Business Regulation.


About a week ago, Officials ordered 3 shops to hold their commercial operations due to non compliance with business regulations.


CEO urges business owners to ensure that they are following the building CODE from the Ministry of Infrastructure when rebuilding, following the devastation from TC Gita earlier this year.

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