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Two Niuas’ vessel, the ‘Utuma’atu to be fixed soon

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa,14/05/2018

The Sea transport Committee of the two Niuas is working on fixing the damage sustained by their vessel, the’Utuma’atu when Cyclone Gita made landfall in Tongatapu, in February.


The Two Niuas MP Vatau Hui says they are hoping to fix the problem as soon as possible to enable the vessel to provide services to the two islands especially in supplying their most desperate needs.


He says, photos of the damaged have been sent to the boat manufacturer in New Zealand to design the parts for replacement.


The MP says, the cost to the damaged sustained to ‘Utuma’atu is still unknown.


Meanwhile, Hui says they have been trying to organize a vessel to travel to the two Niuas to drop off and pick up passengers and to deliver few cargoes.


The MV Tongiaki is expected to travel to the two Niuas for the first time, this week.


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