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Women roles in agricultural sector needed to be recognized

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa,16/05/2018

Women need to be empowered in their roles in the agricultural sector as this is a sector where women can also make a living, although it is a less popular option with the women here in Tonga.

This is the purpose of a collaboration between the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Internal Affairs – Women’s Division, Pacific Community – SPC, as well as the Food and Agriculture Organisation – FAO, in which a representative from the SPC – Joanne Kunatuba is currently in the Kingdom to assist the community consultations

This Community Consultations – Gender Assessment activity began this morning at the Western village of Matahau.

In this activity the team will look into some of the key roles women play in the agriculture sector especially in the rural areas.

Kunatuba says this sector is not commonly considered suitable for women due to the nature of work in this sector.

The program will continue tomorrow to the village of Haveluliku.

Kunatuba says the information and data gathered in this activity would be used to assist Tonga and other Pacific Island Nations in future planning and policy making.

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