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Health and Education collaborated to address NCDs and improve literacy

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa,23/05/2018

The Ministry of Health is working hand in hand with the Ministry of Education, taking a different approach to combating non-communicable diseases (NCD’s), and at the same time promotes reading as a habit for the young children.

The first phase of this programme was completed last week with the launching of the Health Books series, a set of 10 reading books designed for early childhood aged children.

These books are all on health related topics, aimed at teaching children about healthy lifestyles.

The Ministry of Education -Early Childhood Education coordinator, Soana Kaitapu says this is an important project because it’s an opportunity to encourage children to read, and to learn about important health issues at the same time.

Health and Education are two very important sectors to the development of the nation and Kaitapu believes this project will greatly benefit both sectors, because investment in the younger children will come full circle in the future.

The Monitoring and Evaluation Manager of Tonga Health, Sione Hufanga says they hope that this project will teach the children about healthy lifestyles from a very young age which will help them as well as their families.

The Health Books series was published in cooperation with the Waka Productions program of the University of the South Pacific and the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI). The 10-book set will be distributed to each early childhood education centres (preschools)  in Tonga.

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