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His Majesty named Tailulu’s first hall as – the Fale Masiva

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa,24/05/2018

His Majesty King Tupou VI has named Tailulu College’s first hall as Fale Masiva during this morning auspicious event. He said, the hall will remind the people about the significance of living a free spirit and physical life, to pray to the Living God in the spirit of Freedom. The Fale Masiva hall was constructed to mark Tailulu College Golden Jubilee.


King Tupou VI first and foremost acknowledged the presence of the Almighty God, Nobles and Dignitaries, the President of the Free Church of Tonga – Rev. Semisi Fonua and distinguish guests.


His Majesty said, the 1875 Constitution highlights Tonga’s Emancipation and the Freedom of Education, Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Employment and Freedom of Religion.


The King said, the Church’s record shows that Mr. Uatekini often said the Free Church of Tonga was established locally and no longer needed to hold accountable to foreign countries.


His Majesty said, years later many other churches were established in Tonga such as the Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga but Mr. Uatekini still insisted to build the church in the spirit of Freedom and it was later named as the Free Church of Tonga.


The King continued by explaining the translation of foreign words such as Wednesday – as the day of prayer , Thursday is the day after prayer day and the word Tailulu means – the study of prayer.


He says, Tailulu’s color is gold which signifies the color of Eternity, and it does not get rusty at any time.


The King said, the idea of Fale Masiva was a place where students of Tailulu College were being taught on how to survive, living or growing in a poor environment.


Over the years, the teachers will ensure that the students are well prepared to leave the high school lifestyle and continue pursuing adulthood with great expectations that they will help develop the nation.


His Majesty says, Fale Masiva will be a reminder to all about the freedom to pray to the Living God.


Talking Chief Afu Ha’alaufuli delivered the response to His Majesty’s Address. He said the King’s address has reminded the people of the golden strands, reciprocity, love, respect and humility.


Following the formalities, the President of the Church – Rev Semisi Fonua led the prayer service to mark the event.


He thanked their Majesties for gracing the event with their presence.


He also acknowledged Lord Fielakepa for his kindness by allowing the Church to lease the piece of land where the school is located.


During the program, the guests were invited for a moment of silence in remembrance of the ex-students who had passed away but they have contributed to the development of the school.


His Majesty also unveiled the plaque to mark the historical event.


Attending today’s celebration were Her Majesty – Queen Nanasipau’u, HRH Princess Pilolevu Tuita, Members of the Royal Family, Prime Minister and Cabinet Ministers among other people.


As part of the celebration, majority of the guests were in orange and white clothes – to show their full support of the event.


The cost of the new hall is more than 6 million pa’anga funded by the Members of the Church, the Church Education Department and Ex Students of Tailulu College.

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