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Traditional presentation made as part of Tailulu’s Golden Jubilee Celebration

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa,25/05/2018

The Golden Jubilee Celebration of Tailulu College continues today with the traditional presentation of Kava at their newest multi million dollar hall – Fale Masiva.

Attending as the guest of honor was the President of the Free Church of Tonga – Rev. Semisi Fonua.

The first kava presentation was led by the children and grandchildren of Tailulu’s first Principal – The late Titali Ma’u, in 1967.

The last kava of the day was presented by the children and grandchildren of the Late Kisione Lelea Fonua – the father of the current President of the Church.

Church Reverends also attended the program this morning and they are here for their 133rd annual conference.

Meanwhile, a competition of traditional Tongan songs composed for this historical event was hosted last night at Falemasiva Hall. Majority of the participants were in orange and white to show their support to the program.

Nineteen groups participated at the Music Night, last night.

Hundreds of Tailulu ex-students gathered at the Fale Masiva hall yesterday and today to witness this milestone.

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